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If you're new to geocaching, check out the cache type page to read definitions for all the cache types. Locationless (reverse) caches can only be searched by keyword and username. You can also view all locationless caches in alphabetical order.

Search Types

  • By Postal Code - Postal Codes are available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia
  • By Coordinate - Coordinates contain a latitude and longitude to determine a position on the planet
  • By State/Country - Select a State and/or country to search
  • By Keyword - A simple wildcard keyword search on the Item's name. "Iron Horse" will search for "Iron Horse" and not "Iron" and "Horse"
  • By Username (Found)/(Hidden) - Searches the database for items either found or hidden by a username.
  • By Waypoint Name - Searches the database for items that match a particular waypoint name. This option ignores the cache type. A cache waypoint name starts with "GC" and can be found on every cache listing as a quick reference.
  • By Address (US Only) - We attempt to calculate coordinates based on a mailing address. This is not an exact science and can be somewhat outdated. Zipcode is required.
Additional search features are available by using Pocket Queries as a Premium Member Feature on the Geocaching.com site. Visit the Premium Subscriber page for more information.


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